Do you know what God has to say about education? The Bible is filled with promises just for students. God is serious about the success of His children and has prepared the way for every aspect of life, the education arena as well. Making daily confessions is coming into agreement with God’s true Word. 

“School What A Breeze” is a confessional book dedicated to school age students all the way through college age adult. This book is filled with God's promises and teaches individuals how to speak the Word of God as it pertains to school, activities, friendships, hardships, and the many experiences associated with the education atmosphere. This book can be used to saturate the atmosphere with daily confessions straight from the Bible. God's Word is alive and active and is dominant at anytime in every situation. Therefore our children will use it, and will have a successful education experience.

by Nicole Atkinson

SCHOOL, WHAT A BREEZE: Declaring the Promises of God

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